The VetroSafe Click2Shade Split Lens System

The VetroSafe Click2Shade Split Lens System

The VetroSafe® Click2Shade Split Lens System provides a convenient and low-cost split lens that combines our Shade #3 base lens with an on-demand conversion capability into a Shade #5 filter in the lower portion of the field of view for increased blocking of visible and infrared light.

Shade #5 filters are often needed for working with certain colors of borosilicate glass that glow brightly when heated. The increased light attenuation of a Shade #5 lens makes working with these colors more comfortable over extended periods of time. In addition, due to the typical positioning of a glassworker's torch below the workpiece, a split lens design can provide improved vision by allowing a higher transmission of light in the top portion of the lens.

Click2Shade is the first in the industry to attach the split lens using magnetic mounting of the accessory lens. The tiny high-strength neodymium magnets securely retain the accessory lens while enabling easy removal by the user. The Click2Shade magnetic attachment system enables a number of unique advantages, including:

  1. The accessory lens can be removed or added as needed
  2. Small diameter magnets have minimal visibility 
  3. Rapid removal capability enables easy cleaning of the lens parts
  4. Impact strength of the carrier lens is not compromised by a horizontal cut
  5. Carrier lens provides full-view sodium flare protection rather than only a partial view as seen in some other products.

A customized carrying case for the accessory lenses is included with each Click2Shade-enabled eyewear.

NOTE: Click2Shade lens components are hand-assembled in the USA and may require an additional 2-3 days lead time to ship depending on stock availability.

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