A new standard for safety

The VetroSafe U6L3R4 lens meets ANSI Z87.1 Welding Shade #3 and goes beyond with >99% blue-light filtering to 420nm, OD5+ sodium flare blocking, and R4 95% average infrared blocking from 780-2000nm.

All the Basics and Beyond

The design of VetroSafe lenses traces its history to the use of wavelength-selective didymium (neodymium)-based glass lenses for sodium-flare blocking, and the more recent development of impact resistance polycarbonate lens materials. By adding blue-light filtering, infrared blocking, color-balance correction, ophthalmic-grade anti-reflection coatings and prescription capability, VetroSafe advances the flameworkers' safety lens into the modern era of high performance optics.

The Details

The VetroSafe U6L3R4 lens meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI Z87.1 Welding Shade #3, adding >99% blue-light filtering to 420nm, OD5+ sodium flare blocking and 95% average infrared blocking from 780-2000nm.

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Eliminate Sodium Flare

Didymium glass has long been used by glass flameworkers to remove the veiling yellow light caused by super-heated sodium content in glass. VetroSafe's proprietary lens design takes eye protection to the next level by adding R4 infrared light blocking, UV blocking and HEV blue-light filtering for reduced eye strain and best-in-class ophthalmic safety.

Infrared Light Blocking

Traditional didymium glass lenses do not block infrared light in the 700-2000nm spectral band, requiring users to layer on additional welding filters for protection, resulting in added weight and darkened vision. VetroSafe is designed from the ground up with 95% infrared blocking in a lighter, brighter and color-corrected lens design, enabling seamless worry-free use regardless of torch intensity.

Blue-Light Filtering

Harmful blue-light between 400nm to 420nm has been shown to damage sensitive structures deep in the eye, causing eye strain and diseases such as macular degeneration. VetroSafe delivers comprehensive >99% blue-light filtering to guard against consequences of long term exposure to HEV blue-light radiation emitted by high-intensity torch flames.

True Neutral Color

VetroSafe lenses are created using a mathematical design process to achieve unrivaled white-point color accuracy less than 0.01 xy units from neutral, enabling clear, natural color vision and an uninterrupted color creation workflow.