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VetroSafe® FireSleeve 4510 Para-Aramid Protective Arm Sleeve

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The VetroSafe FireSleeve is a protective sleeve for the forearms and hands that protects against injuries to the covered areas from cuts and burns. FireSleeve is a blended material made with 70% para-aramid / 30% cotton blend and provides a Cut Level 5.

70% Para-Aramid / 30% Cotton blend combines the inherent fire-resistance and cut-resistance of Para-Aramid yarn with 30% cotton for comfort and breathability.

Para-aramids are made using a dry-jet method resulting in fibers with extended chains along the fiber's length with exceptionally high tensile strength. Para-aramids are the material of choice in industrial and military protective apparel including fire-resistant gloves, sleeves and body armor.

In addition to having a breakdown temperature over 500C, when exposed to a flame para-aramid fibers swell up, which helps to push away the heat source from your skin and prevent burns.

Para-aramid fibers are inherently fire-resistant: they do require treatment with toxic fire-retarding chemicals, and can be washed normally for a long useful life.


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